Chesapeake Research Associates was founded in 2002 to support the development of evidence-based education and social safety net interventions through the design and implementation of rigorous research and evaluation studies. Our goal is to help our clients, both in the United States and abroad, sharpen their focus on what they need to know to achieve their programmatic goals, and to apply state-of-the art methodological approaches to support their quest for reliable answers.


Chesapeake Research Associates is pleased to be involved with major new efforts to improve our Nation’s educational system through our involvement in exciting new projects:

  • Technical Support to the Regional Education Laboratories for the Northeast and Islands, Mid-Atlantic, Southwest, West, and Pacific Regions, 2012-16
  • Technical Support and Evaluation of the US Department of Education’s Investing in Innovation (i3) Program
  • Training, Technical Assistance, and Peer Review for the U.S Department Of Education’s Regional Education Lab Program
  • Independent Validator for New York State Pay for Success Project: Employment to Break the Cycle of Re-incarceration
  • What Works Clearinghouse

Recent Publications

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Wolf, P., B. Gutmann, M. Puma, L. Rizzo, & N. Eissa (2013). School Voucher and Student Outcomes: Experimental Evidence from Washington, DC. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

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Perez-Johnson, I., K. Walters, & M. Puma (2011). Evaluating ARRA Programs and Other Educational Reforms: A Guide for States. Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research (http://www.mathematica-pr.com/publications/PDFs/education/ARRA_eval_guide.pdf).